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Miss Mary's Art Universe

Boost creativity, encourage artistic expression and appreciation in the next generation of Savannah.

Both private and group art lessons are offered. 

Group Classes

(Classes are limited to 4 students)

Parent and Me (Ages 3-4)

45 min.

Install an outlet for how much FUN art is. Small projects and lessons that encourage a start in art.

The Fundamentals (Ages 5-8)

1 hr.

Explore and learn about the artist's toolbox. Presenting a collaborative environment with the goal to establish a foundation of basic skills for each artist.

Next Level Fundamentals (Ages 9-13)

1 hr.

Reinforce essentials and add tools to the skill set. Artists are given extra room for creativity and are encouraged to keep a sketchbook to review in class.

Individual Classes

Private Lessons (Ages 4-18), 1 hr.

Classes are gauged upon skill level and tailored to fit each student.

Savannah Arts/College Portfolio Prep, 1 hr.

Work towards a cohesive portfolio with a clear focus on unique artistic strengths. Determine the tactics and learn how to present your best self.